What are BB Creams?
Blemish Balm Cream, often called BB Cream is one of the best selling beauty products in Asia. This cream was developed in Germany and was initially used to protect, soothe and regenerate the highly sensitive skin of patients who had undergone laser surgery while providing good coverage for post-laser scars and redness. 

Korean celebrities discovered this miracle cream and began to use it for beauty purposes. Korean cosmetic companies got wind of this and developed their own formulas, making it available for a large audience, and a craze was born. 

Today, this beauty trend has spread throughout South East Asia and is finding its way more and more to America and Europe.

What are the properties of BB Creams?
Because BB Cream is very soft to the skin, it is suitable for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin and for those who are suffering from acne. It has the advantages of a foundation and a skin care product while it smoothes imperfections and pigmentation spots.

Furthermore, all BB Creams have a shade. When buying a BB Cream make sure to choose a shade that matches your skin. 

What are the advantages of BB Cream?

  •  Gives a natural look to the face.
  •  Almost every BB Creams contain only natural ingredients.
  •  Perfect coverage like a foundation, but because it is not so thick, it does not close the pores.
  •  Acts as a moisturiser
  •  Conceals all kinds of pigmentation spots and other discolorations, acne and impurities in the face.
  •  Has healing properties that keep skin soft and smooth and reduces fine lines.
  •  Ensures regeneration of the skin and maintains your youthful skin.
  •  Contains UV protection 
  •  Anti-aging effect and it can make the skin lighter.
  •  Savies time because it makes other make-up and skin care products redundant.

Is it suitable for my skin type?
BB Creams are made for highly sensitive skin and can therefore be used by anyone, regardless of skin type. 

Below is a diagram that shows which BB Cream is best for which skin type:

Dry / Combination / Normal / Sensitive Skin

Oily / Combination / Normal / Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

For men 

Are BB Creams only suitable for Asian skin?
Not at all, although it might seem so. This is because South Korea and Asia were the first countries where people started to use these creams in large numbers.The BB Creams market in Asia is big booming, extending to America and Europe where daily more and more non-Asian people are using them.

How do I apply BB Cream?
BB Creams are day creams and should be applied after cleansing the face. Apply a small amount to cheeks and forehead and spread over the face, then massage gently with fingertips until it is fully absorbed into the skin. Before going to bed, the BB Cream should be cleaned off.

What are the main ingredients in BB Creams?
BB Creams contain usually much botanical ingredients such as plant extracts, herbs and flowers. Furthermore much use is made of green tea extract, Aloe Vera and fruit extracts. Arbutin is used or bleaching and to reduce wrinkles, many BB Creams contain the ingredient adenosine. 

Almost all BB Creams have a whitening effect. Is this harmful to my skin and do I get even paler than I am now?      
In almost all BB balms the active ingredient Arbutin is used. Arbutin is an extract of Bearberry plant which has bleaching properties to the skin. However, actually this effect is not so strong; what Arbutin does, is to prevent the skin from darkening rather than making your skin paler.

You can compare it to staying indoors during a few days in the winter after which your skin is a little lighter, this is actually the whitening effect. Thus, on an already white skin Arbutin will have no effect. When you go out in the sun wearing these products your skin will simply gets darker.

What BB Creams do is neutralize the colour. They reduce dark spots or excessive pigmentation in the face.

When will the order arrive?
All products in stock are shipped within two days and usually the same day. It could be that a product is not in stock, so we have to reorder. The indicated delivery time is than 10 to 20 days. In the event that it should take linger than the time indicated, you will be notified. 

How can I pay?
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For payments from abroad:

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Can I pick up my order myself?
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Any questions?

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