Maska na vlasy Hair Repair Smoothie - Banán SKIN79 (20ml)

Skin79 Hair Repair Smoothie - Banana (20ml)

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  • Frizzy & Fragile Hair
  • Smoothie hair pack that contains natural fruit ingredients and essential protein components to make damaged hair glossy and healthy
  • After shampoo, squeeze the water from the hair. Apply one treatment pouch on entire your hair except for the scalp. Leave it on for 5 ~10minutes and cleanse with lukewarm water
  • Key Ingredient 1. Natural ingredients from fruit for nutrition balancing and texture improvement (HONEY - Moisture Balacing, OLIVE OIL - Care for Shine and softness, MILK PROTEIN - Reparing and Protein care), 2. Hydrolyzed Collagen ! Hydrolyzed Keratin! for INTENSE PROTEIN CARE! Daily Hair pack that supplies protein extract similar to the Keratin and Collagen forms protective barrier to make healthy and softener hair!
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