Ceranolin Spot Concealer SKIN79 (5g)

Skin79 Ceranolin Spot Concealer (5g)

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  • A Concealer for the sensitive skin and covering blemishes
  • A concealer perfectly and naturally covers skin trouble, blemishes and traces of trouble, which can adhere to the skin so that skin appears natural with a radiant finish
  • Liquid (ampoule) formula
  • Fragrance Natural Floral
  • An ampoule that a non-sticky super moisturizing formula provides the skin’s natural energy
  • Contains patented ingredients by skin79 (0.1%) 3. A concealer for trouble cover
  • Take a proper amount and apply to the area and tap it to absorb
  • Perfect cover effect that perfectly covers troubles, trouble marks, blemishes etc
    White pigment is combined with gel that has outstanding light scattering function, which can diffuse the light to give a perfect skin coverage
  • Long-Lasting System
    From the moment the texture is applied, it tightly adheres to the skin and keeps the makeup from sweat, moisture and sebum for a long time.
  • Patented ingredients by skin79
    The patented ingredients, which include ceramide and panthenol soothe the sensitive skin caused by dryness and make the moisture barrier firm and moisturized.
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