Toner Ceranolin SKIN79 (130ml)

Skin79 Ceranolin+ Toner (130ml)

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  • Moisture toner helps recover skin balance with hydrating and soothing effect to make it look more moist and healthy
  • Fragrance - Natural Floral
  • A slight acidic moisture toner that moisturizes the skin
  • Contains patented ingredients by skin79 (0.1%)
  • EWG Green Grade ingredients
  • 20 harmful ingredients Free
  • Non-dry moisture supply - A Toner containing Ceranolin+ patented by skin79 and hyaluronic acid is absorbed quickly by dry and rough skin to make the skin moist without stickiness
  • Skin Balance Care - By balancing between water and oil, the skin with excessive sebum can become refreshed
  • Skin Soothing Care - EWG Green Grade Toner that contains natural ingredients soothes the skin to care the skin more smooth
  • Ceranolin+ patented by skin79 - The patented ingredients, which include ceramide and panthenol, soothes the sensitive skin and strengthens the moisture barrier
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