Krém Ceranolin Cream SKIN79 (75ml)

Skin79 Ceranolin+ Cream (75ml)

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  • Ultra-moisturizing cream regenerates the sensitive skin caused by dryness with the full moisturizing and recovering effect of thecream containing the patented ingredient Ceranolin+
  • Fragrance - Natural Floral
  • Effects - Barrier Care, Moisture Supply, Soothing, Regenration
  • Ultra-moisturizing cream with high skin compatibility and quick absorption
  • Contains patented ingredients by skin79 (0.1%)
  • EWG Green Grade ingredients
  • 20 harmful ingredients Free
  • Super moisturizing cream with a soft but high nutrient moisture content - Provides nutrition and protects skin with moisture and nutritional balance - contains high-density ingredients comparing to other products. Nevertheless, You just use it once a day, you can experience its maximized moisturizing effect
  • HDCT (High Density Cohesion Technology) - High density coagulation and emulsification technology. This method stabilizes the active ingredients after condensing the main ingredients, effectively raising the coverage, soothing and moisturizing effect
  • Improvement of skin barrier - It relieves the sensitive skin and nourishes the skin's natural energy to restore the skin
  • Patented ingredients by skin79 - The patented ingredients, which include ceramide and panthenol soothe the sensitive skin caused by dryness and make the moisture barrier firm and moisturized
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