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Skin79 Selfie Mask Sheet 2 step - Brightening

Selfie Mask Sheet
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  • Brightening - For the dark and dull skin
  • Brightening care ingredients such as vitamin complex and glutathione care the skin to be much more brighter and clearer
  • 1Step takes care of your skin to look more clear with Vita Flash Ampoule. And then, it cares more intensively with 2Step mask according to each skin troubles
  • Hydro-gel sheet that is the epitome of moisture and Tencel sheet with silky texture have met together, which creates Skin gel. Hydro-gel is impregnated between sheets as the special point for skin gel. Enjoy moisture and nourishment with Selfie Mask that you’ve never experienced.
  • Soft texture and luster like silk. The mask containing moisture tightly fit on the skin. Eco-friendly natural pulp, less irritation to the skin. Despite of impregnated status, sheet is very sturdy. Tencel extracted from tree doesn’t occur any pollution during manufacturing process. It is Nature-friendly and Skin-friendly material.
  • 1 STEP VITA FLASH AMPOULE - 1.5ml - Brightening- Common component for all
  • Main Ingredients: Vitamin tree - Vitamin tree contains abundant organic acid and vitamin A, B, C, E, F and K. It contains 2,500mg of vitamin C per 100pcs of its fruits, which is superior 200 times more than vitamin content of apple. (Bermath & Foldesi 1992). Pentavitin - Natural moisture complex and pentavitin moisturize the skin and prevent the moisture from evaporating to keep the skin to be moist for a long time.
  • Before using 2 step mask, brighten the skin and boost the moisturizing effect to care the skin to be fresh.


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