Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream Rewiew

Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream Rewiew 24. 03. 2021 Blog

Skin79 VIP Gold BB Cream gives you all benefits that skin needs

I’ve just tried out VIP Gold BB Cream which promises to give you bright and uptight skin and wrinkle improvement. Its cover says that BB Cream contains gold and caviar to express glowing skin by naturally covering up skin blemish. This is also with higher UV protection SPF30 PA++ which is handy every day and helps you to achieve a shiny and healthy hydrated skin.

So, I put it on after my morning skin routine which toner and moisturizer. I must say it’s normal to wait few minutes until BB Cream matches your natural tone. My skin is not that problematic but I have some redness and dark spots too. I would say my skin is combination and oily in the T-zone but I don’t have huge acne. Since you have problematic skin I would recommend a concealer after BB Cream for perfect cover. If you don’t suffer on skin imperfections you can omit concealer because BB Cream gives you appropriate coverage too. VIP Gold looks on face just like your second skin. The texture is very light so, you don’t wear a mask at all. It provides you something between matte and radiant finish. I was looking for some product what helps me with tiredness skin VIP Gold got back glowing to my skin. That’s helpful for mature skin too.

As I said, I have combination skin and I use powder to fix my makeup. Now, I use it only when it is necessary like once a day. For the most of the time my skin stays matte. It really helps to get you a healthier skin tone immediately. This is very useful when you don’t have so much rest but still want to look great. BB Cream gives you plus few hours of sleep. I do have some pigmentation on my face and VIP Gold covered it very nicely. It wasn’t like 100 percent coverage, but gave a natural and unified tone to my skin.

A coverage is average to my skin. It covers or reduce small imperfections what I have. So, VIP Gold could easily replace a foundation. It stays on the face about six hours then I fix it. I see BB Creams to be more like skin care with many benefits like SPF, natural ingredients to moisture the skin, helps with wrinkles or just get your skin the same tone. In my opinion are BB Creams a good choice for everyday makeup routine. When you’re busy but still want to look good or you prefer natural look with minimum makeup. I would recommend this one very much. I think VIP Gold is higher level of BB Creams. For the price € 19,95 you can have all your skin needs - make an order on