Gelone Rewetting Drops

Rewetting Drops Horien 10 ml

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Kapky Gelone (10 ml)
Gelone Rewetting…
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Long-Lasting Moisture and Lubrication The Drops improve the secretion of tears while bringing fresh oxygen to the cornea. The proper molecule is ideal for all kind of contact lenses. The contact lens’ oxygen permeability is thus not blocked.

Exceptional Comfort The unpleasant side-effects of wearing contact lenses, such as dryness, blurred vision, itchiness or fatique are immediately relieved.

Preservative Free The absence of preservatives allows you to avoid all kinds of eye allergy or irritation and lasts as long as the contact lens itself.

No Eye Irritation The pH of the drops is close to the pH of human tears and, additionally, the most natural and gentle protective film will be created on your eyes thanks to non-cytotoxic materials.

Increase Tear Film Stability The Drops help tear circulation and effectively increase tear film stability. Build a better and gentle protective film on your eyes!

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