Pleťová maska Green Tea Purifyng Clay Mask (95ml)

Skin79 Green Tea Purifyng Clay Mask (100ml)

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  • A pore cleaning mask removes dead skin cells smoothly and cares bright and clean skin
  • Green tea clay pack with red beans particle
  • Apply clay mask with a spatula on the entire face without eye and lip area or on body where dead skin cell removal is needed.
  • French clay containing green tea water cleans the pores and makes the skin soft. · French Clay : It contains a mineral-rich clay component from the French province of Oberne, which provides nutrients to the skin, and makes skin balanced by absorbing waste from pores and sebum · Green Tea Water : Catechin of green tea harvested from Boseong, the cleanest green tea plantation in Korea, prevents skin aging and provides moisture to the skin easily stimulated by external environment.
  • The fine particles of fine grain in the clay mask and natural minerals help the soft scrub and minimize irritation
  • It can be used on the back and chest where dead skin cell removal is needed, as well as on the face.

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