How to care for hair in summer?

How to care for hair in summer? 17. 07. 2023 Blog

Even in the sultry summer months, it is not advisable to put proper hair care behind you. In the summer, we expose our hair to many harmful factors such as direct sunlight, salt and chlorinated water or lack of time for proper care - and hair greets autumn dry, dried out, broken and with frayed ends.

How to care for your curls properly so that summer fun doesn't damage them and they remain healthy, shiny and soft even after the strongest sun rays?

Summer haircut

Hair gets a beating even in the winter months, so head to the hairdresser before the summer starts and get your damaged ends trimmed. If you have thick hair, it can benefit from a trim. Your hair will be relieved and can handle the rigours of summer with grace.

Shampoos for summer

Every hair needs as much hydration as possible in summer. Sea salt, chlorine in swimming pools and the sun's rays dry out hair and it needs help.

Focus on choosing a quality moisturizing shampoo that will properly nourish your hair and give it the water it needs. For example, reach for the silicone-free Lador Moisture Balancing Shampoo, which deeply balances moisture, gently cleanses the scalp without irritation and smells beautifully of lavender. Also worth a try is the gentle Kudal Honey & Macadamia shampoo - it deeply nourishes dry hair with natural oils and contains 97% natural ingredients.

Proper hydration

To properly moisturise and nourish your mane, use a conditioner or balm after shampooing. You'll love the silicone-free Lador Moisture Balancing Conditioner, which deeply hydrates hair and regulates its pH, and the intensely nourishing Lador Wonder Balm with hydrolysed silk. Treat your hair to luxurious hydration in the summer heat!

Something extra

But summer should definitely not be without extra care, such as oils, serums or masks - give the right products a few minutes and they can work wonders. You can't go wrong with Kundal Macadamia Ultra Hair Serum, for example, an intensely deeply moisturising serum that will also target dry and frayed ends.

You can also pamper your hair with the Lador ACV Vinegar Hair Wrap, which strengthens the hair's protective barrier, prevents damage and also promotes hair growth. Or treat them to nourishing Lador Perfect Hair Fill-Up ampoules, which hydrate, nourish and penetrate deep into the hair structure. In addition, it also protects them from external influences such as harmful UV rays.

Other principles

Be sure not to forget your hat or headgear too! UV rays can really mess up your hair.

On the other hand, forget about heat treatment, let your hair air dry and try to avoid ironing or curling your hair. If you can't do otherwise, apply an oil first to protect your hair - for example, Lador Wonder Hair Oil will not only protect but also nourish your hair.

In addition to summer fun, keep our tips and proper moisturising care in mind during the hot months and your tresses will reward you with healthy, irresistible looks.

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