What is the appropriate make-up for the water?

What is the appropriate make-up for the water?

BB-cream.cz 23. 07. 2023 Blog

Summer is approaching and you are surely looking forward to hitting the water. Whether your destination is a swimming pool in the city, a pond at grandma's house or the clear sea, one thing is certain. You need to protect your skin from the sun. Your make-up must be adapted to the specific conditions.

Specifics of summer make-up

Are you going to sunbathe and swim? Concentrate on your skin and its protection from the sun. If you can't do without make-up, buy a BB cream or a cream make-up with a UV filter. In an emergency, you can also mix your regular make-up with sunscreen and apply it to your face as usual.

Don't overdo it with water makeup. Remember that you will not only be swimming, but probably sweating as well. So don't overload your skin with heavy make-up. If possible, skip make-up altogether.

Only use products labelled as waterproof. Make-up, shadows and blushes should be silicone-based, products containing hydrophobic waxes, fats and polymers are suitable. Definitely do not use powder cosmetic products, they wash off immediately in water. Remember that products with a creamy consistency are preferable.

Eye and lip make-up

Use waterproof mascara on the eyes. However, it's no longer the case that waterproof mascara has to be the highlight of your water make-up. Feel free to use shadow or liner. Just always make sure your chosen products are waterproof beforehand. Ideally, try everything out in the comfort of your own home first, so you won't be unpleasantly surprised at the swimming pool.

For lips, a light tint or gloss that looks fresh is ideal.

If you can't go out without lipstick, apply a non-promising lipstick. A lipstick with an oily texture that doesn't dissolve in water is also suitable. If you can do without bold lips on summer days, use a UV lip balm instead.

Pro tip: Match the colour of your eyeshadow to the shade of your swimsuit. Don't be afraid of bold colours, even ones you don't normally use.