V&A Beauty is a Korean beauty brand that focuses on the fusion of art and beauty, inspired by the UK's famous Victoria and Albert Museum of Art and Design (V&A). The brand delivers an innovative range of skincare products whose packaging is adorned with memorable pieces from the museum's collection. The packaging of the products stands out for the boldness and minimalism that characterise the architecture of the V&A Museum. A variety of artistic elements have contributed to the packaging design to bridge time and inspire, including floral motifs by William Morris and photographs by fashion photographer John French. These works of art have been transformed into elegant curves, concise lines, soft colours and textures to immerse you in the world of V&A Beauty's creative art.

The V&A Beauty brand was established to capture the artistic value and aesthetic of the V&A Museum and bring it into the world of cosmetics. The products are designed to not only care for your skin, but also to be visually appealing and reflect the richness and diversity of the artwork that the museum holds. In this way, V&A Beauty seeks to combine beauty with art and design, an approach that reflects the V&A's mission and values.

The V&A Beauty represents a unique fusion of history, art and modern beauty that appeals not only to beauty lovers but also to art and design enthusiasts. The brand is an example of how tradition and modern innovation can be combined in a harmonious whole that celebrates beauty in all its forms.

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SPF50+ PA++++
V&A Long Wear Cushion Foundation Radiant (15g) V&A Long Wear Cushion Foundation Radiant (15g)
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V&A Long Wear Cushion Foundation Radiant (15g)

A revolutionary high protection SPF50+/PA++++ make-up that guarantees long…

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