Hand Creams

Hand creams by us at BB Creamshop do not only moisturize, but also heal, repair and relieve extremely cracked and dry hands. Our hand creams from top brands like Holika Holika, Skin79, Etude House, Tony Moly and Missha deliver effective and quick relief for those chapped and dry hands of yours. They are highly concentrated and a pea-size quantity is enough to leave your cracked and dry hands smoother and softer.

Daily use is recommended for effective moisturizing and healing of the damages. Climatic change has great impact over our skin, just like winters make it super dry, summer evokes folliculitis, skin irritation, acne breakouts, prickly heats, seabather’s eruption and like this. You will want a hand cream that caters to a wide range of common hand problems.

Hand creams from the brands mentioned above (already) quench and deeply nourish the thirst of your gasping hands. BB Creamshop’s hands creams are non-greasy, which is why they are easily absorbed.

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