SHISEIDO FINO Premium Touch Hair Mask (230 g)

Apremium hair mask to restore, protect, hydrate and nourish.

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Product description

  • Apremium hair mask to restore, protect, hydrate and nourish.
  • Deeply nourishes, restores, protects and moisturizes dry, damaged and brittle hair.
  • Itrestores even the smallest damage to the hair and intensively repairs it from root to tip.Reduces split ends and brittleness.
  • The mask is formulated to repair damage caused by coloring, perms, sun exposure and environmental influences.
  • It provides the necessary hydration to leave hair smooth, healthy and beautiful.
  • It increases the resistance and elasticity of the hair, adding natural shine.
  • It also helps to maintain hair colour for longer.
  • Protects hair from UV rays.
  • Contains six types of effective serums:
  • Royal Jelly EX (Royal Jelly Extract, Sorbitol) - Royal Jelly Extract is rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids that strengthen, regenerate hair and add shine. It improvestheir elasticity and reduces breakage. It has moisturizing and softening properties, hair is soft and pliable, easier to condition. Helps prevent dandruff and itching of the scalp.
  • Sorbitol -prevents hairfrom drying out and improves hair texture, resulting in softer, more manageable hair. It also acts as a conditioner that strengthens the hair and makes it easier to comb. Smootheshair and adds shine.
  • Trehalose + Sorbitol - Trehalose has strong moisturizing properties and protects cells from dehydration. Combined with Sorbitol, this pair focuses on intensive hydration of the hair, maintaining its moisture and protecting it from drying out. This combined effect helps to keep hair healthy and flexible and protects it during heat treatment.
  • PCA (pyrrolidonecarboxylic acid) is a natural component of human skin and hair. PCA attracts and retains moisture, helping hair stay moisturized and smooth. It also improves hair elasticity and reduces hair brittleness and breakage.
  • Phytosterol derivatives have the ability to strengthen hair and improve its texture. Phytosterol derivatives help to reduce hair loss, improve hair growth and nourish hair. They also have anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe thescalp.
  • Squalane + Pearl - Squalane is a moisturizing agent that mimics the natural production of oils in the scalp. It helps retain moisture and protects hair from damage. Pearl peptide, derived from pearls, contains amino acids that revitalize hair, improve its texture and give it a radiant shine.
  • Glutamic Acid is an amino acid that helps improve hair hydration and strengthen hair structure. It acts as a conditioner that strengthens the hair and improves its elasticity. It also helps in maintaining moisture balance in the hair, which is crucial for healthy and shiny hair. Itprotects the colour after colouring, keeps it vibrant and bright and prevents fading and washing out.
  • The unique hair mask containing these exceptional ingredients contributes significantly to the health and beauty of your hair.
  • It has a pleasant floral scent.
  • Can be used as a mask or in place of a conditioner.
  • Size 230 g

Hair types

  • All hair types
  • Damaged hair
  • Brittle hair
  • Brittle hair
  • Dry hair
  • Hair coloured, permed and other chemical treatments
  • Hair with dandruff


  • After shampooing, lightly dry hair.
  • Apply a reasonable amount (1 to 2 nutmeg sizes for semi-long hair), Leave on for about 3 to 5 minutes.
  • Rinse.
  • The mask is effective even when rinsed immediately.
  • Can be used instead of conditioner.

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Hair Care Hair Treatment, Ampoule, Essence, Oil Specialized Skincare Country of origin Japanese Cosmetics


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  • water, sorbitol, dimethicone, hydrogenated rapeseed oil , isopentyldiol, behentrimonium chloride, amodimethicone, hydroxypropyl arginine lauryl/myristyl ether hcl, dihydroxyethyl stearyl propyl dimonium, glutamic acid, trehalose, squalane, steartrimonium chloride, peg-90m, pca, phytosteryl/octyldodecyl lauroyl glutamate, hydrolyzed wheat protein, polyquaternium-64, hydrolyzed wheat powder starch, royal jelly extract, isopropyl alcohol, cetyl alcohol, octyldodecanol, alcohol, propylene glycol, butylene glycol, tocopherol, phenoxyethanol, sodium benzoate, fragrance.
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