Golden Snail Intensive Eye Cream SKIN79 (35ml)

Skin79 Golden Snail Intensive Eye Cream (35ml)

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  • Concentrated eye cream containing Golden Snail Extract, Yam’s PhytoMucin to provide nutrition and moisture to area around the eyes. Niacinamide, Adenosine help care for eye-related concerns such as wrinkle and dullness.
  • Concept Ingredients - Golden Snail Extract, Yam Root Extract, Bird’s Nest Extract(Swiftlet Nest Extract), Gold, Natural Protector complex (patented ingredient)
  • Function - High nutrition / High moisture / Elasticity care / Whitening / Skin texture improvement
  • Nutrition of premium Golden Snail and Yam help prevent skin damage while providing moisturizing effect. Premium domestic Golden Snail that has golden protection color “golden shell” with Yam root’s Mucin provide soft skin by caring for skin damage and dry skin
  • Rare ingredients such as Gold, Bird’s Nest, 6 year-old Red Ginseng and etc. provide deep and plentiful nutrition - Chinese Emperor’s true goods such as Gold, Sea Bird’s Nest, 6 year-old Red Ginseng, and Natural Protector complex (patented ingredient) provide smooth and soft skin texture by strengthening skin’s own power and increasing skin vitality
  • Elasticity care that fills-up inside of the skin - Containing Adenosine that is well know for its anti-wrinkle effect provide elasticity to rough and weak skin


Skin typeCombination skin / Dry skin / Sensitive skin
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